Injured in the Tri-Cities area? Personal Injury Lawyers in Kingsport Can Help

Aggressive personal injury lawyer in Bristol gets results

You have been injured, and you wonder if your injury is serious enough to discuss with a lawyer. The answer is yes. Kenneth E. Hill, an experienced Kingsport personal injury lawyer, can assess your case and advise you on how to proceed.

Personal injury resulting from the negligence of another

Personal injury law deals with injury that is caused accidentally by the failure of another to use reasonable care. The most common personal injury cases involve injury and wrongful death resulting from:

  • Automobile or truck accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home neglect

A successful personal injury suit may recover damages for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages and lost future earnings — and, sometimes, for emotional distress and pain and suffering. Achieving this success requires knowledge of the area of law known as tort law — which includes economic and non-economic damages to the property, rights or reputation of an individual. It also requires the ability to make clear and convincing causal connections between the alleged act of negligence and the specific damages that resulted from it — something that is often quite difficult.

Kingsport personal injury lawyers can make a real difference

If your injury was caused by any of the above, The Law Firm of Gilly, Hill and Schaefer can help you. We assist you in choosing the right doctors so you get the proper diagnosis, the right medical care and appropriate rehabilitative therapy. We ensure that you are compensated for damages and lost wages. And we do our utmost to prove that the injury resulted from a lack of reasonable care on the part of the other person or entity.

Clearly, an auto accident is very different from medical malpractice, and a construction accident is very different from a case involving a defective product. The sheer diversity of personal injury categories underscores the need for a lawyer who understands Tennessee personal injury statutes and has detailed knowledge of each individual area of personal injury law.

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The Law Firm of Gilly, Hill and Schaefer can help you obtain maximum compensation and medical care for your personal injury. We charge a contingency fee for personal injury services — which means that you do not pay unless your case is successful. We are compassionate and down-to-earth, and give you the personal attention you deserve. Located in Kingsport, we serve clients throughout north east Tennessee. Call us at 423-246-3811 to arrange for a free initial consultation, or contact us online.