Tennessee Estate Planning Lawyers in Kingsport Ease Your Mind About the Future

Estate planning means facing mortality

It is normal to feel uncomfortable when you first contemplate estate planning. The process of organizing what you will leave behind when you die requires you to think about your own mortality, and that is not a particularly joyful task. The Law Firm of Gilly, Hill and Schaefer has an excellent reputation for its work in estate planning. You are bound to feel relieved when you set foot in our office.

Estate planning involves more than simply wills and property

Tennessee estate planning is not just about wills and other documents designed to transfer assets after death. It is also about end-of-life planning. Truly comprehensive estate planning entails:

  • Living wills
  • Powers of attorney for medical, durable and “Do not resuscitate” (DNR) decisions
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Family limited partnerships
  • Marital property agreements
  • Postnuptial agreements

Some people avoid planning their estates in advance, and come to our office only because a loved one has just died. Others come because they want to secure the future of their heirs. Whatever the reason, the compassion of our estate planning attorneys in Kingsport makes it easier to relax about the future. We do all the legal work, leaving you the time to take care of yourself and your family.

Addressing the issues head-on

The Law Firm of Gilly, Hill and Schaefer wants to help you plan your future. We strongly encourage you to write a living will and arrange for any medically-related powers of attorney while you are still able-bodied and of sound mind. In addition, you will be gratified to know that your advance planning will probably reduce the dissent that might otherwise occur when the estate is distributed.

A living will allows you to specify the types of medical treatment you will or will not allow if you become too ill to state your wishes. For example, you can stipulate whether you wish to be placed on life support. A durable power of attorney for healthcare enables you to name an individual who can oversee your healthcare wishes.

Estate planning attorney in Kingsport is there for you

The Law Firm of Gilly, Hill and Schaefer, a firm that is fully grounded in Tennessee estate laws, provides guidance and practical solutions to the challenges of estate planning. Our estate planning attorneys in Kingsport are there for you. We offer personal attention and a refreshingly down-to-earth approach. Located in Kingsport, we serve clients throughout north east Tennessee. Call us at 423-246-3811 to arrange for a free initial consultation, or contact us online.